Crackle: Seinfeld on Sony’s online channel combines cars and comedians

I love Seinfeld.  He can do no wrong in my eyes.  Its because I perhaps grew up on Seinfeld and was part of the generation that couldn’t wait to watch the next instalment of an ep for “water cooler” conversation.  Who could forget how their copy become the social norm of conversation – “You’re SOO good looking”, “soup nazi”, “get OUT!” – to name a just a few.  I still re-enact the George Constanza moment of shuffling and dropping files whilst running around the office and screaming “Look how busy I am!” for a cheap laugh.

If you’re like me, you’ll love the youtube series launched by Seinfield that has already attracted millions of hits and followers.  Combine the lust of cars with amazing comics and you have a deadly combination for a viral recipe.

So Sony owns this?  Correct.  They are releasing their own films on this online network, purely for online distribution only.   “Crackle is for the new living room,” Eric Berger, executive vice president of digital networks at Sony Pictures Television and GM of Crackle,  “It’s programmed, it’s everywhere and its easily accessible. We’re not a content aggregator but a programmer much like a cable network.”  Crackle will also have two exclusive films produced just for the site. Danny Glover and John Foo star in Extraction, while Spade returns as Joe Dirt.  The original film was released in 2001 by Sony and grossed $27 million in the US.  This is apparently the first sequel ever to be released for digital online use only.

Crackle will also be showcasing Play It Forward, a series featuring spontaneous street performances by superstar artists around the U.S. to raise support for music education in public schools. It is produced by Robert Downey Jr., Tony Berg, Kevin Lake and Susan Downey.  Again, for online distribution on crackle only.

They have just purchased Days of Our Lives, recently axed from the Nine Network, which can be viewed by australians on the Crackle platform service.

Interesting times.